Why I am sad about the 2020 election no matter who becomes the President

While the vote-counting is still far from over (it could still be several weeks before we have an answer), and regardless of who finally becomes the US president, I am deeply saddened and frustrated by the results of this year’s election. This year we have seen at least three devastating facts:

1) The Democrat platform – which is blatantly anti-God – is no longer simply tolerated or accepted as an option. The clear rebellion against God as described in Romans 1 is now openly celebrated and demanded by vast numbers of our population while those of us who oppose it are being increasingly silenced.

2) The true church in America is either so weak that it no longer has the influence to push back the demonic platform or it no longer has the willingness to do so. The false church has a much louder voice and was instrumental in this public rebellion against God.

3) Some genuine believers (whether in true or false churches) willingly chose to cast their votes siding with these enemies of God. Whatever their individual reasons (which I cannot know), they took sides with godless policies against the clear teaching in Scripture. Even if they say they are against certain positions, their vote promoted those very things.

We all know that America won’t last forever; the Scriptures are clear on that. But each generation of true Christians hopes that they won’t be the ones to see the collapse. It’s getting more and more difficult to see how our increasingly godless and anti-God nation can last much longer without going the way of previous godless empires.

And these things together make me sad for our nation and frustrated about the state of the church here.