Zechariah 12

Chapter twelve begins the final message of the ultimate deliverance and restoration God would bring to Israel. At least 17 times these last three chapters contain the phrase “in/on that day,” showing the end times nature of this message. Zechariah 12:1 points back to God as Creator, declaring that, if he could create the heavens, earth, and humans, he could fulfill what he was about to promise. On the coming day of battle, Jerusalem and Judah would become a weight for any who would try to move it (Zechariah 12:2-6). During the battle on Jerusalem at Jesus’ Second Coming, he will strike the enemies’ horses with confusion and blindness, and their riders with madness. This will embolden the future Jewish leaders in their fight against “all the surrounding nations right and left.” Christ will “will set out to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem,” then restore Judah and Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:7-9).

In another prophecy setting up in his first coming, all of Israel will look on their Messiah, “the one they have pierced” (Zechariah 12:10-14). This recognition will cause a great lamentation in Israel by all the clans of Israel. Three clans are specifically mentioned – Nathan, Levi, and Shimei. The Shimeites were part of the tribe of Levi (Exodus 6:16-17), so they and the Levites represent the priestly class in the kingdom. Nathan was the son of David whose descendant was Mary and, biologically, Jesus (Luke 3:23-31). Thus, Nathan and David refer to the royal class of the kingdom, generically, and to Jesus Messiah, specifically.