Airport update 7-22-09

It’s about time that I posted an update on the status of our church’s case with the airport. (For background information, see my most recent post from March.)

Here’s our current situation: we have come to a pending agreement between our church leaders and the Airport Authority Director. However, in order to make it official, both the church membership and the Airport Board of Directors have to accept the agreement.

Our church membership will be voting on the agreement this coming Sunday following the worship service. I do not know when the Airport Board will address it.

Basically, the two major components of the pending agreement are:

  1. The Airport Authority will purchase all of our property and buildings on Lynn Street and Edison Road for just over $700,000.
  2. The default date for us to be moved from our current facilities will be January 1, 2013, unless they need to begin work sooner. If that occurs, they must give us a 120-day notice before we have to leave.

The vote this weekend will be up-or-down. All questions must be addressed before then. You can contact me with your questions by phone (574-232-1618 x115), email, or Twitter.

And don’t forget…if this pending agreement is accepted, we are just entering a whole new season of life at Oak Tree Community Church. So keep praying!

If you would like to hear the recording of the informational meeting, including more details and a question and answer session, the MP3 is available upon request.

4 thoughts on “Airport update 7-22-09”

  1. Rather than email or twitter, I'll ask here. 🙂 That way everyone can see my questions!

    1) Is that a valid or appropriate appraisal value of the church?

    2) Can we relocate for that kind of money? (Showing my ignorance as to what it takes to run a church.)

    3) What are our relocation options as far as location?

    4) Would there be a higher cost to stay? (lot paving, building upgrades, sewage upgrades, etc)

    I'm sure I have more. It's just WAY early in the morning for my brain to keep going.

    1. Daniel Goepfrich

      Great questions! Here are my answers. I'll also send you a copy of the recording of the info meeting I held on Sunday so you can hear the whole thing.

      1) Yes, we believe that is within the "fair" range. We would like it to be higher, but it's fair.

      2) Maybe – it really depends on what is available. That is not enough to build a brand new building, but we could rent short-term or buy and remodel. We will begin saving additional money in the meantime.

      3) Unlimited. Other than preference, there is nothing that ties us to a specific location. We are asking the congregation to start telling the office of every available property they see or hear about – rent, lease, or purchase.

      4) Yes, but not just in money. We would also be completely landlocked with no potential for expansion or growth at our current location.

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