Airport update 9-25-08

Well, I finally have a short update for you about our airport situation. If you remember, the airport is trying to purchase a portion of our property in order to build a four-lane, limited access highway right behind our building.

Late last week, the surveying company came out and put stakes in the ground showing the location of the new road:

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The stake closest to the building is the right-of-way (the new property line), and it is 16 ft. from our building. The next stake is the actual road curb. It’s about 40 ft. inside the right-of-way, making the new road approximately 55 ft. from our building.

Yesterday (Wed, Sept 24) the court-appointed appraisers came to inspect the situation. One of them has to come back again another time. They asked lots of questions and took lots of pictures. carefirst formulary ivermectin They are supposed to have their report submitted to the court by October 30.

Oh yeah, one more thing: our judge will retire on Sept. uso de la ivermectina en humanos dosis 30, so he will not be judging the rest of our case. ivexterm tabletas 6 mg precio Our governor is to be appointing a judge to replace Judge Means sometime within the next two months. We don’t know how soon he’ll put our case on his docket.

So there it is. One more step toward the finish line. Keep praying about it. Also pray that rain will hold off Monday and Tuesday next week. If it does, I’ll have another special post Wed or Thursday.

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  1. You can say that it is one more step to the finish line but is the finish line any closer 🙂 HA! It seems that it gets more complicated but I am not at all negative or discouraged. Our Lord is working!!

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