Book Review: Angels

Angels by Dr. David Jeremiah Angels
by Dr. David Jeremiah

(Note: This is a guest post by Angela Sanders. See below for your chance to get a free copy of Angels. This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.)

Dr. David Jeremiah, to many of us, is a well known and trusted man of God. He has written over 20 books on various topics that point to the same direction, God, which, in my opinion, is precisely where our focus should be.

Angels may be his newest book, but isn’t his first piece on the subject. He also wrote The Truth about Angels in 1996, and What the Bible Says about Angels in 1997.

Dr. Jeremiah really puts into perspective who angels are and what they are not. He is very thorough in his studies, and not only  sticks to biblical facts in this angelogical piece, but shares freely the hard work and words from other respected and educated scholars. He is friendly, but firm with us in correcting any misunderstandings and frills we may have on this somewhat recently controversial subject.

In his book, Angels, Dr. Jeremiah answers questions like:

  • What are angels?
  • Who do they serve, us or God?
  • What do they look like, and can WE see them?
  • Are they still at work today?

I have a strong Christian background, so when I began reading this book, I wasn’t learning anything new at first. However, as I kept reading, I learned what the Bible says about these mysterious and celestial agents, and gained a significant understanding about them.

If you’re an angel collector, I highly recommend reading Angels. If you don’t know that much about angels, I highly recommend “enlightening” yourself.

Do you want a copy of Angels? Just leave a comment below with one question about angels that you would like to have answered. We will select a random commenter on March 1 for a free copy!

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