Are we living in the end times?

One of the questions I have been asked a lot recently – given the current state of world politics, the economy, and the seeming increase in global natural disasters – is a familiar one: “Are we living in the end times?”

Several people have asked me in the last five or six months if I think that President Obama could be the Antichrist described in the Scriptures.


There seems to be a fear that what is happening now could be the entrance to something much more awful – something sinister, evil. And that fear spreads wider than with just the people I talk to regularly. dosis ivermectina gotas

On December 1, 2008 I wrote a book review on Dr. David Jeremiah’s new book, What in the World is Going On? He is a best-seller – multiple times over – and I knew that people would want to read his book. But I didn’t expect quite how much.

Since I wrote that post, it has become my blog’s all-time #1 post. In fact, as of this morning, it has been read 111 times in the last five months. ivermectin horse wormer walmart And it’s not stopping. It was read 16 times in the last 30 days – twice yesterday (May 4).

Not only that, but it also tops the search terms for how people find my blog. Over the past 30 days, 14 searches for that book or reviews of that book have ended by people coming here.

With all of this attention, it obviously needs to be addressed.

So, later this year, I will be teaching a series at Oak Tree Community Church on what the Bible says about the end times – the things we can know, and the things we cannot.

If you are in the South Bend, Indiana area, stay tuned to find out when I’ll be teaching so you can join us. ivermectin dosage for adults If you’re not, you can listen to past messages on the church’s website. You can also subscribe to our podcast through iTunes and get each week’s message automatically. More information about our “Listen Now” program is available here.

In the meantime, keep pointing people to Jesus Christ. Whether we’re in the end times or not, he’s our only hope.

There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among people by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12