Three Networks and the Truth

I just read an article by Paul Asay on the simultaneous growth and death of TV and its effects. In pointing out the article, I want to let you on to something else as well.

The article, entitled “Three Networks and the Truth”, was a part of a weekly email newsletter I get from Plugged In Online, a division of Focus on the Family.

With the tag line, “Shining a light on the world of popular entertainment,” Plugged In Online is a review source for all things movie, video/DVD, music, TV, and video game in pop culture.

I personally like the movie reviews each week. They all have the same format, beginning with a summary of the movie. Then they break it down into sections: Positive Elements, Spiritual Content, Sexual Content, Violent Content, Crude or Profane Language, Drug and Alcohol Content, and Other Negative Elements, before giving some concluding thoughts.

For example, see the review of the new movie, The Soloist, here.

Each email newsletter also includes a section called “Culture Clips”. This typically contains up to three quotes by someone in pop culture or stats that make an obvious statement about the culture. ivermectin uses in dogs The intent is to get you, the reader, to think and/or act on that information in your own sphere of influence.

For instance, this week we’re informed, “When asked if they’d rather give up TV or the Internet for a week, 77% of teens said they’d forgo the tube. [, 4/21/09]”

And that’s it. You’ve been informed. What will you do with that information? ivermectin india delta لعبة القمار

Pop culture contains the filters we use to look at our world and our faith. So here are some links for you. قوانين البوكر بالصور Check them out. Use them to know the culture in which you and your children/grandchildren live. الربح من الانترنت مجانا

PluggedIn Online’s website – check out their past articles and reviews

“Three Networks and the Truth” article by Paul Asay – excellent article on TV’s modern influence

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