Book Review: What in the World is Going On?

My next book review in this series is Dr. David Jeremiah‘s latest book on biblical prophecy, What in the World is Going On?

Dr. Jeremiah is not new to this subject, and even though I have studied prophecy for quite a long time myself, he is one of my favorite teachers on Bible prophecy, and I continue to learn from his teaching. tippmix teljes ajánlat In fact, he has studied it for over 40 years and has written at least three other books on this topic, two of which are already in my personal library.

But this one is different. The normal way to teach biblical prophecy is to march straight through the (controversial) prophetic timeline as presented in Scripture, pointing out the interesting landmarks along the way, like a tour guide at a popular tourist site. This time, Dr. Jeremiah walks us through the future using our favorite TV news channel and news headlines website as the starting point.

With the subtitle of “10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore” as his basis, Dr. Jeremiah points to things like the new Russia-Iran deal, the recent American election season, and the growing influence of the European Union to show his readers that the promised future may not be as distant as they might like to think. gaminator cazino slots: 77777 jocuri ca la aparate

One of the things I really appreciated about this book was the amount of current information Dr. Jeremiah compiled. Theories about Israel, oil, the Antichrist, etc. have abounded for many years – usually just recycling the same out-of-date myths. Not so here. Consider this:

  • The two appendices are charts of population and oil reserve statistics from 2007.
  • The 14 pages of end notes include 257 notes – not surprising if you have ever read Dr. Jeremiah’s previous works. sportfogadás online tippek What is surprising is, in that mix of many commentaries, I found over 130 citations of websites from which he collected his information – most of them news articles from 2007 and 2008. This isn’t the same old stuff rehashed so he can sell another book. These are real, up-to-date events that are helping usher in the future we have only read about until now.

Picking a favorite chapter is really hard because I learned the most in chapters two, three, and four. Much of what I thought I knew about oil, Europe, and Islam was confirmed, but I gained a huge amount of information I had never known.

My only criticism is that I saw only “8  Prophetic Clues…”, not the ten promised in the subtitle. While I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching in chapter five (on the Rapture of the Church) and chapter ten (on Jesus’ final return), I didn’t feel that he offered any modern-day “clues” to those events like he did so well in the other eight chapters.

That being said, I loved this book! In fact, its message is so timely that I will probably use it for message prep for an upcoming teaching series myself. Thanks, Dr. Jeremiah. And thank you, Thomas Nelson, for publishing another great book!

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  1. Does Dr. Jeremiah read your blog, Pastor? Hi, Dr. Jeremiah, I think I will read your book based on Pastor Dan’l’s review. It sounds like there will be some new and interesting insights!! :):)

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