We are just a few weeks away from our fall spiritual growth series!  We’re calling it “Discover: 50 Days of Knowing God”.

It begins Sunday, Sept 9, with an introduction message.  In your “Discovery Notebook”, the following 7 weeks will include a daily Bible reading, meditation question, and place to journal your findings; and a weekly memory verse and a practical story by one of our church members.  Each weekend I’ll teach a message that draws together the things we discovered throughout the week. العاب سلوتس

On Sunday evenings, during our 6:00pm GetTogether, I encourage you to gather with others to discuss the things you are learning and pray for personal and church growth.  I will be gathering with our teenagers to help them on their journeys.

I encourage you to invite everyone you know to this life-changing series. كيفية الرهان على كرة القدم   We will have postcards soon that you can hand to people directly. لعبة القمار ورق   (To see what the postcards will look like, download this PDF – about 4Mb).

For you web-savvy adventurers and those who want to participate but aren’t local to OTCC, each day the Bible reading, memory verse, and meditation question will be posted on the “Discover” blog.  Open comments will allow you to share your discoveries with everyone else.  There will be a couple of posts leading up to the start.  For now you can watch the countdown:

Finally, our Sunday messages are available online as MP3s, too.  You can find them in the “Messages Online” area of our site.

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  1. Nice postcard! And I will enjoy the blog site even though I am here in South Bend…makes it easy to get in the readings throughout the day! Thanks for all you do!!!

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