I’ve been thinking about faithfulness this week. It’s our topic this Sunday morning in our series in which God calls us to “run to win” (1 Corinthians 9:24). There are so many areas in which God, through the Bibles, calls us to be faithful – home, work, country, friendships, ministry. The list goes on forever.

If someone asked me to define “faithfulness” very briefly, I would have to say it’s simply showing up and doing your best. If we always show up and do our best – regardless of the situation or life arena – I believe God will consider us faithful.

Each of us has areas that needs a faithfulness evaluation. Some people don’t even bother to show up (church, home, ministry, etc.), much less do their best. Don’t be that person! Make every second count for the Kingdom. Show up and do your best!

On a related note: Mark Batterson, pastor of Washington D.C.’s National Community Church, had a great thought in his blog today about how we can and should relate to our culture. It’s well worth the short read, and the pattern keeps us faithful to God.

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