Self-control is one of those things that everybody needs and wishes they had but nobody really wants to put the effort into getting it. It’s like this: if it were easy, we’d all have it!

Self-control is a problem because it’s such a pain to acquire, and it can affect any area of our lives. Think you have it nailed? Gotcha! Something else pops up just to prove you don’t.

If we are going to live successfully (as God measures success) – if we are going to “run to win” – we have to develop self-control. In what areas do you struggle with self-control? Let’s use this weekend’s message to see how God says to deal with them. (Feel free to answer anonymously – I’m not looking to turn this into a confessional blog!

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4 thoughts on “Self-Control”

  1. Self-control…just the words make it seem impossible! If we could control ourselves, we would not need God, would we? I lean toward God-control. No easier, but seems like it offers more hope!

  2. Daniel Goepfrich

    Undeniable – anything we do without God at the wheel is ultimately pointless.

    However, there is a willful response to God on our part if we are going to live properly. Galatians 5:23 states that self-control is a sign that the Spirit is working in us.

    It seems that a synergy – a working together – is necessary for us to win.

    Thanks for your good point.

  3. I have problems with self control. Just like Janie said, SELF. It feels to me like the harder I try the more I fail. I suppose the the key here is “I”.

  4. Daniel Goepfrich

    It’s God who empowers us to do anything worthwhile. Just like we can’t gain control without His power, He can’t control us without our obedience. It has to be both/and – not either/or.

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