“Hermeneutics for Everyone: A Practical Guide for Reading and Studying Your Bible” (book)

The Bible is clear that not everyone should have a formal teaching position (Jam 3:1) and that certain local church elders will focus on instruction and doctrinal issues more than others (1 Tim 5:17). However, every Christian has the right and responsibility to study the Bible and teach those around them (Col 3:16). Thus, every Christian should be taught and well-versed in the process of carefully interpreting the Scriptures, so they can fulfill their ministry in their families, local churches, and anywhere they go in this physical and internet-connected world.

In Hermeneutics for Everyone, Dr. Goepfrich presents a simple, yet detailed, process to do just that. After introducing some important background information about the Bible, he leads the reader through a step-by-step process of studying any Bible passage to determine what the original writer wanted his audience to know. Using a combination of his own examples and space for the reader to follow along in their own passage, Goepfrich offers an immersive walk through Bible interpretation.

Useful for college classrooms, Sunday school classes, small groups, and homeschool classrooms, Hermeneutics for Everyone is truly a practical guide so every Christian can learn to read and study their Bibles on their own.

Learn more about the book and related resources at theologyisforeveryone.com/bible-study.

Cover Price: $14.95

Published: January 2024

Also available on Kindle