Hermeneutics for Everyone



The Bible is clear that not everyone should have a formal teaching position (Jam 3:1) and that certain local church elders will focus on instruction and doctrinal issues more than others (1 Tim 5:17). However, every Christian has the right and responsibility to study the Bible and teach those around them (Col 3:16). Thus, every Christian should be taught and well-versed in the process of carefully interpreting the Scriptures, so they can fulfill their ministry in their families, local churches, and anywhere they go in this physical and internet-connected world.

In Hermeneutics for Everyone, Dr. Goepfrich presents a simple, yet detailed, process to do just that. After introducing some important background information about the Bible, he leads the reader through a step-by-step process of studying any Bible passage to determine what the original writer wanted his audience to know. Using a combination of his own examples and space for the reader to follow along in their own passage, Goepfrich offers an immersive walk through Bible interpretation.

The built-in workbook makes it perfect for college classrooms, Sunday school classes, small groups, homeschool classrooms, or personal study. Hermeneutics for Everyone is truly a practical guide so every Christian can learn to read and study their Bibles on their own.

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