How many books on Amazon?

I wondering – does anyone know? Seriously. I’d like to know.

Why? Well, my book (see right) is currently ranked 774,968 on the sales list. Does that mean there are only 774,967 books that are selling better than mine? (It does mean that at least one has been sold through Amazon!)

I’m just wondering how many books there are out there that I’m beating – at least 1 or 2, right?

2 thoughts on “How many books on Amazon?”

  1. It isn’t a contest. You are published because someone needs to read that book…maybe only a few someones…but you have done what you felt God was leading you to do. You don’t have to have a best seller for your book to make a difference! I am curious now, myself, about how many books are on Amazon!!

  2. I know – it’s just sort of cool that it’s ranked at all. But some people have estimated well over a million books on Amazon. That’s all.

    My purpose has always been – and will always be – to teach people God’s truth the best I can using whatever format I can.

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