How secure is salvation? Part 1

Question mark by Marco Bellucci.

A friend of mine asked a question on his Facebook page last week. It’s an important question. A matter of life and death really.

It’s a question that I have answered innumerable times – for people who just lost a friend or family member, for people whose marriages are falling apart, for people who can’t seem to get control over the sin that continues to dominate them.

It’s a question that everyone asks at some point. My friend asked,

“Salvation: is it eternal or can you lose it?”

I am going to write a series of posts on this extremely important topic. Together you and I will explore the Scriptures – those that seem to say salvation is forever and those that seem to say it’s not.

Before I do that, though, let’s open the comments on the question itself.

  • Has someone ever asked you? What was your response?
  • Have you ever asked someone else this question? How did they respond?
  • What passages can you think of that seem to contradict each other?

And then stay tuned as we ask and answer: “What does the Scripture say?” (Romans 4:3)

1 thought on “How secure is salvation? Part 1”

  1. My dad tried to tell me that we could lose salvation and together we studied Hebrews 6. He said that it was impossible to renew those fallen to repentance proving the loss of salvation and I said it proved since it was impossible then our salvation was secure. We had some stimulating discussions, without arguing or getting upset, and it was always a blessing.

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