I’m 3 years old!

Happy 3rd Birthday! by Lamerton..

Happy birthday to me! My blog is 3 years old today, so I thought I’d celebrate in two ways: share some “Top 3” stats and give three resolutions for my next year of blogging. First, the stats.

In March of this year I started using new tracking software to find out lots of cool things about you, my loyal readers. This is what I found (stats based on last 5 months only):

Top 3 countries (out of 38): United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Top 3 browsers (out of 12): Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8

Top 3 operating systems (out of 14): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac (all versions except Apple Mobile)

Top 3 posts:

Top 3 referrers: oaktreechurch.com, biblicalpreaching.net, bing.com

Thank you to everyone who reads here!

No matter your country or computer or browser of choice, it’s a privilege for me to teach through writing. I hope this blog helps you grow in your relationship with God.

In order to do my best to make that happen, here are my Top 3 blog goals for this year:

  1. Write more regularly. I have a hard time being consistent here. There are times when I’m posting once or twice a day, and others when I go a couple of weeks with nothing. While I may or may not write more posts than I do now, I want to post on a more consistent basis. (Don’t forget to subscribe in a feed reader or via email.)
  2. Answer more questions. I am most comfortable and in my zone when sitting around a table discussing the Scriptures and answering questions from genuinely interested people. While there are limitations on a blog, I want to be able to do the same here. So, like the Book Reviews, I’ll be adding a new page to the menu that will list my answers to any questions you submit. You can contact me with questions here.
  3. Get back to teaching. I started this blog with the purpose of using it to teach the Scriptures. Over time I have gotten away from my observations on biblical passages (Jeremiah, for instance) and into other things. While the new stuff isn’t bad, it’s not the main goal. So you’ll find more writing about the biblical text itself this year.

I pray that you’ll find this to be an increasingly useful resource for study and personal growth for another year. Thank you all!

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  1. Controversy or something that triggers deep thought. Those always make for wonderful blogs. You have a wonderful knack of making a person THINK. So ask those questions that make you dig deep and you're blog will (at least to me) continue and thrive in it's successes!

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