I read a lot. On a normal basis, I’m in the middle of 3-5 books (with around 10 in the queue to start) plus several magazines, headlines, articles, etc. And that doesn’t include regular Bible and Bible commentary reading.

One might ask, “Why is all of that necessary? flac ivermectin Shouldn’t you spend more time reading the Bible than these other things?”

Of course, reading and studying the Bible is imperative – not just because I teach it, but because no one will experience a complete life transformation without a deep study of God’s Word. That makes it imperative for you as well. when to take 2nd ivermectin

However, one of those things I read in the Bible said that knowing about life around us is important as well. In 1 Chronicles 12, David was gathering people around him who could support him when in becoming king. Many names are named. Thousands are numbered. Skills are listed. And right in the middle of all of this we read:

Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command. (1 Chronicles 12:32, NASB)

None of the other tribes listed had fewer than 3,000 who supported David. The largest had 50,000. Hundreds of thousands of warriors with swords, shields, and spears at David’s disposal. But out of all of them, 200 rose to the top. Why? They “understood the times”, and they had “knowledge of what Israel should do”. ivermectin efficacy scabies And because of that, they were leaders.

David knew that it took more than just swords to accomplish his mission; it took leaders. Our church is the same way. We need people who know what is going on and can make informed decisions on what is the best way to go. Are you one of those people?