Listen, Day 28: 2 Corinthians 11-13 & Galatians

This is the first time we have spanned chapters from more than one book during our listening. It wasn’t nearly as disruptive as I thought it would be going from 2 Corinthians into Galatians.

Here are our end-of-week stats again. Through today and Galatians we are:

  • 70% of the way through the days (28 of 40)
  • 65% of the way through the chapters (168 of 260)
  • 1/3 of the way through the books (9 out of 27) – things will pick up here soon

Micah (got paper out again – and asked some really good questions):

  • They talked about Adam and Eve and Satan
  • It was funny when Paul said if they slap me then I can slap them
  • Paul was saying what bad happened to him
  • Why did Paul say he has to brag?
  • Paul said when he was weak he was actually strong
  • Paul was telling us that we will be weak because God was weak when he was nailed on the cross
  • How did God choose who the apostles were going to be? (Dan’l: Anyone want to tackle this one?)
  • I wonder how long it was before I was born from them
  • Paul has been talking about Timothy
  • Why was Paul calling us stupid?
  • Why does he talk about yeast and dough?
  • They said love others as much as you love yourself.