Listen, Day 29: Ephesians

This is one of my favorite books of the entire New Testament. Of course, I’ve spent more time studying this book than any other, and the Bible shows that it’s valuable to us the more time we spend with it. (Listen to my message “Understand It” for more on this).


  • The wife is supposed to respect her husband (Dan’l: he couldn’t remember what a husband is supposed to do – better find out before he gets married!)


  • This sentence would help us get through a lot of life if we would just remember it: “Then when the time is right, God will do all that he has planned.”
  • There is some debate as to whether this was originally a letter directly to Ephesus or to a wider region including Ephesus, because Paul says a lot of strange things for having spent 3 years in Ephesus starting the church there. Here’s one of them: “I have heard about your faith.” Isn’t that something you think he would know first-hand?
  • If we get nothing else out of this listening, let us never forget that we were sinners, “but God was merciful“!
  • In 2:12 Paul said that they had been “without god“. The original word is atheos, from which we get atheist. A person living without God is an atheist. A believer living on his own agenda without God’s guidance is a “practical” atheist.
  • The end of chapter 3 would have been another great passage for today’s message about understanding the Bible. Paul wanted them to know all about it (its contents), to be deeply rooted (its depth), and to know that its too wonderful to be measured (its value).
  • We all know that the Bible says that we’re supposed to love one another. But what about people that I don’t like? I have always been glad that Paul included that we are to “put up with each other“!
  • I just wrote a paper on 4:11-13, and this is a great translation of those verses. It really helps explain a lot.
  • After our salvation our lives are to begin changing. When someone refuses to change, we are told to not have anything to do with that person because they are doing foolish things
  • Churches and denominations have this problem sometimes: they forget that we are not fighting against humans, but against a common enemy.

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  1. “I have heard about your faith.” I took this to mean that comments were made to him about the faithfulness of the church. He could know about it first hand but to hear unbelievers or strangers or anyone speaking about the Ephesians might give Paul reason to say this.

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