Listen, Day 9: Luke 1-5

Well, we’re just over a week into our listening program, and we’ve already cleared the first two books of the New Testament! A lot of the stories were the same in Matthew and Mark (and will be in Luke, too), but listen for the emphasis and perspective of each writer.

Here’s a great example: what is the main difference (from the writer’s viewpoint) in Mark’s and Luke’s account of this story? (Pay special attention to the footnotes. durvet ivermectin paste bedbugs )

Onto today’s chapters.

Saralynn: Love the reminder that “everything will take place when it is supposed to” (Luke 1:20)


  • Jesus’ mom and dad lost him in Jerusalem
  • the angels left heaven and came to the shepherds to tell them about Jesus

Nathan: Angels came to at least three different people, and Gabriel gave a blessing to Mary.


2 thoughts on “Listen, Day 9: Luke 1-5”

  1. I wondered about the testing “in every way posible” too. All I could think of was 1) physical – need for food, 2)emotional – He could have it all, if He’d bow down, and 3)spiritual – would God really take care of Him? Body, mind, and soul

  2. Good point Terri, I haven’t thought of it that way. Mary must have been expecting to hear God, too, (like Simeon) because her question was similar to Zechariah’s but she was blessed.

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