MANA from Heaven?

The “Michiana Point of View” article by Ken Herceg in today’s edition of the South Bend Tribune celebrates the new Midwest Academy of Nanoelectronics and Architecture (MANA) Center that is coming to the University of Notre Dame.

If you are a part of OTCC, I highly suggest that you read this article and then ask yourself these questions that I asked myself (I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments):

  1. What effects could / will this have on God’s church in St. Joe County?
  2. What effects could / will this have on Oak Tree Community Church?
  3. What changes do we need to make to be prepared to minister in an, essentially, whole new city?

The more people there are at Notre Dame and in South Bend, the bigger the Oak Tree Community, and the more people are in our potential sphere of influence. ivermectin south africa online كاس اليورو 2023

Your thoughts?

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