Moving on

For the last year and a half Angie Sanders has served Oak Tree Community Church as our church secretary and my personal assistant – first as a volunteer, then as paid staff.

As she left work today, our goodbyes to each other were a little different as it was her last day in that position. After months of discussion with her husband, me, and others, Angie decided that she needed to step out of this role.

Unfortunately, our human nature tends to think the worst, so let me clarify up front that this was a mutual agreement. She was not fired; there is nothing to cover up or explain. It was simply time for her to move on.

In the past 19 months, Angie has been able to accomplish a lot:

  • She took a great many things off of my plate, and in doing so, helped me learn to delegate things that I didn’t think I could. (That’s a job in itself!)
  • She argued her perspective in meetings and forced me to learn to listen, communicate, and evaluate better.
  • She took concepts and ideas and created office systems that will help us transition into our next phase of church growth and relocation.

Eric and Angie are still active members and an important part of the Oak Tree family. They will continue to worship and serve alongside us as they have, and we’re grateful for them.

On a related note, Angie’s move may open up some ministry opportunities for you. If you’ve been looking for a place to serve, there are some new volunteer roles available in the church office. Shoot me an email or call the office (574.232.1618), and I’ll be glad to let you know how you can serve.

Thanks, Angie, for all you have done! I can’t wait to see how your family and our church grow because of your faithful service.

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