Nathan turned 9

So, yesterday I wrote that our oldest son, Nathan, turned nine recently (last month, more specifically). That’s an important milestone for me.

In America, many kids will graduate from high school and go to college around the age of eighteen. Kids become adults at eighteen. They can vote at eighteen. They can smoke (legally) at eighteen. Lots of stuff happens at eighteen.

Why is that important? Because Nathan turned nine – he’s halfway to eighteen. Although he’ll always be our son, our time with him in this life stage is halfway gone. We have only nine years left (fewer, really) to instill into him those important fundamentals necessary for a great and godly life.

This is the main purpose of the Treehouse Kids program at OTCC. If kids choose to walk away from God, I want them to know exactly who and what they’re leaving, and I want to make sure I’ve given God enough ammunition in their lives to haunt them effectively (“call them back to Himself” to be theologically correct [TC]) until they return to Him.

Of course, I’d rather that they don’t walk away in the first place.

And so Nathan turned nine. Nine down – nine to go. I pray we do it right.

And, he’s not alone. Micah just turned eight.