Old Friends

I received two emails this morning from Europe and one last week from Africa. These came from friends who have chosen to obey God’s call to “be witnesses…in the uttermost parts of the world” (Acts 1:8). Here are some web sites and newsletters that I hope you find encouraging.

Alex and Pam Konya (Word of Life, Hungary)
web site: www.eletszava.org
recent newsletter: http://www.eletszava.org/en/update/?doc=update20070716.pdf

Jack and Pat Barentsen (Biblical Ministries, The Netherlands)
web site: www.biblicalministries.org
recent newsletter: www.oaktreecc.org/other/Barentsen_Bulletin_2007_07.pdf

Mark and Charity Brock (Inter-City Mission, Bakersfield, CA)
web site: www.crosswaybaptist.org

Jeff and Tammi Brown (Christian Missionary Fellowship, Kenya)
web site: www.brownfamilymission.com
recent newsletter: www.brownfamilymission.com/documents/Prayerletter%2017.pdf

Until next time,