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So I’m reading through my blogroll today, and I come across one from Mark Beeson from Saturday (yeah, I’m behind). In his post “What Should You Know About Your Pastor?”, he asks some questions that I think are both very insightful and intriguing. I’m not quoting the whole post here, but you should read it. At the very least, read this part of it, then answer my questions in the comments. I really want to know.

After watching your pastor for years, and listening to hundreds of heartfelt sermons, do you have a sense of your pastor’s core values? سباق حصان   Have you gained a sense for your pastor’s convictions?  Would you say you know the general direction your pastor is headed? 365 bet

Such knowledge requires defacto context and background. tegnapi tippmix eredmények   Freeze-frame any moment in time and we’ll be incapacitated; we’ll be unable to properly speak of that pastor’s direction, velocity or momentum.  (Listening to one isolated sermon, on one weekend, makes it virtually impossible to adjudicate the pastor’s beliefs, opinions or values. tippmix eredmenyek   Experiencing one message, in one moment, limits your understanding and is demonstrably inadequate for comprehensive assessment.)

Assuming you’ve listened to your pastor for years (whether you relate to your pastor on a personal level or not) do you have a sense of your pastor’s principles, ethics and priorities?  Whether you agree or not, do you know your pastor’s position on core issues?

The question is not, “Do you agree?”
The question is, “Should you know?”

So, I’m curious… For those of you who have watched and listened to me for any period of time, how would you describe my core values? What’s important to me, my priorities? بيت فاينل

Be honest. I will carefully evaluate each comment and see if it matches what I want to and should be showing. kaszinó online Help me grow.

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  1. A list of what I know about my Pastor: Jesus is God, Jesus is Son of Man, God’s Word is Truth (but it tells of untruth in man), there is a bigger picture, God thru Jesus Christ changes lives, Pastor likes to pop our bubbles, there are events in our lives that shout “God did that”! Pastor likes to read, he likes to write, he HAS to teach, God is in control~no worries, God has plans for us. I am watching my Pastor from now on so I can learn more about him…

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