2 Kings

Jeremiah 22

Chapter twenty-two seems to continue from chapter twenty-one, with Jeremiah going to see King Zedekiah. It is not until Jeremiah 22:18 that we discover this chapter has actually gone twenty years back in time to King Jehoiakim, son of godly King Josiah. Because Josiah followed God’s law, God promised that he would die in peace, […]

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Revelation 11

Chapter eleven continues the break in the judgment timeline as John was told about the coming of two unique witnesses. (There is nothing in chapter eleven to indicate that he saw them in a vision but was rather told about them.) These two witnesses will “prophesy for 1,260 days” (Revelation 11:3). This period is also

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Joel 1

Very little is known about the historical context of Joel and his prophecy. Arguments have been made supporting dates from the 900s B.C. to the 200s B.C., but there is little in the book itself to be definitive. Conservatives generally opt for early dates, when possible, and Archer offers these clues. 1 First, the elders and

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