2 Kings

Isaiah 12

Chapter twelve finishes the message of chapter eleven about Israel’s deliverance. In the Messianic kingdom, Israel’s attitude of arrogance will be turned to humility and trust in God (Isaiah 12:1-2). العاب ربح They will acknowledge the punishment that they were due, thank Jehovah for his deliverance, and finally show their complete reliance on him. كيف …

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Isaiah 7

Chapter seven records the backstory of the invasion of Israel and Syria against Judah that is recorded in 2 Kings 16. If this took place shortly after Ahaz became king, as 2 Kings implies, then it was 732 B. ivermectin overdose and dogs C., eight years after Isaiah’s commissioning in chapter six and only ten …

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Jeremiah 35

Chapter thirty-five contains an account set up as a contrary example of chapter thirty-four. It is possible that “Jonadab son of Rechab” is the same as “Jehonadab, son of Rekab” in 2 Kings 10. Jehonadab was a godly man who helped Jehu eliminate Baal worship in Israel. The Rechabite community was a tribe of nomads …

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