Psalm 45

Psalm 45 is unique in several ways, beginning with the title. It is the first of only four psalms to use have been written with the style or tune of “Lilies” (Psalms 60 and 69 by David and Psalm 80 by Asaph are the others). Outside of these psalms, the term “lilies” has limited use […]

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Esther 9 and 10

Chapter nine is the true climax of this story; everything else simply laid the foundation for the great day of the attack. On the appointed day, there was a great war, and everyone expected that the Jews would be no match for the king’s army, even though they were allowed to defend themselves (Esther 9:1-10).

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Esther 8

Chapter eight begins with yet another revelation for the king. Not only had Mordecai saved his life, but he was also Esther’s cousin, part of the group Haman wanted to exterminate (Esther 8:1-8). It seems that the king took over Haman’s estate, since he officially committed treason, and gave it to Esther. To Mordecai he

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