Esther 7

Chapter seven begins with Haman having just faced the truth of his fall before Mordecai and ends with the reality of it. At Esther’s second banquet, the king asked again what it was she really wanted (Esther 7:1-4). As she had promised, she finally spoke her mind. There was a great evil in the kingdom, …

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Esther 6

Chapter six contains the plot twist of the story. At this point the reader might assume that the Jews may have to fight for their survival, and most of them would probably make it, but Mordecai was certainly doomed. The only way for Mordecai to be saved would be for something to happen to Haman, …

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Esther 5

Chapter five picks up the story three days later. We assume she and her people had fasted and prayed for three days, so she put on her royal robes and crown and approached the throne room (Esther 5:1-2). Seeing her standing in the hallway, the king extended his scepter, inviting her in. This must have …

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