Joshua 2

Chapter two continues the account of Joshua’s preparation to conquer the land of Canaan and sets the scene for one of the most famous stories of the Old Testament. Jericho was the first major city in the path of Israel’s entrance to the land, so they had to conquer it. Joshua sent two spies to […]

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Joshua 1

Introduction to Joshua Joshua is the first book in the second section of the Hebrew text, the Prophets. It is named after the primary person of the story, Joshua, Moses’ faithful right-hand man and God’s appointed leader of Israel. Joshua was a man of action, and his book recounts many of those stories in the

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Jonah 1 (Part 1)

Jonah’s story is not that different from mine and yours. No, I haven’t been eaten by a fish (though I still have pain from a fight with our dog once), and you haven’t either. But, really, that’s not the point of the story. Sure, we teach our kids about “Jonah and the Great Fish” (or

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