Judges 18

This post follows the Bible reading plan available at Chapter eighteen continues the story of Micah and his hired Levite. At this point in Israel’s history, the tribe of Dan had been run out of their allotted territory by the Amorites, but they had not yet settled elsewhere (Judges 1:34; Joshua 19:40-48). Verse one […]

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Numbers 22

Chapters twenty-two through twenty-four contain another well-known story from Numbers: the account of Balak and Balaam. 1 In Numbers 21:26 we read that Sihon had defeated Moab. Now that Israel had defeated Sihon, the Moabites were naturally afraid that they could be next, so when Israel journeyed up the eastern border of Moab, Balak, their

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Joshua 24

Chapter twenty-four concludes the book with the second half of Joshua’s farewell speech to Israel. In the first half (chapter 23) Joshua reminded Israel of God’s promises and warned them to remain loyal to him. In this chapter he took it one step further. Rather than simply allowing them to say, “We are willing to

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