Joshua 23

Chapter twenty-three contains the first half of the farewell address that Joshua made to “all Israel, including the elders, rulers, judges, and leaders” (Joshua 23:2). In this part Joshua made three assertions. First, he reminded them of everything God had done for them and said that, if they continued to be loyal to God and […]

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Joshua 14

Chapter fourteen begins the record of how Canaan was divided among the western tribes. Although Joshua 14:1 says that the territories were assigned by Eleazar, Joshua, and the tribal leaders, Joshua 14:2 clarifies that they determined the boundaries “by drawing lots,” which was a way to hear from God. It is also clarified that Joseph did not

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Joshua 13

Chapter thirteen begins the second half of the book, which details the parceling out and settling of the land of Canaan by the remaining “nine tribes and the half-tribe of Manasseh” (Joshua 13:7). Joshua 13:1 notes that Joshua was very old, but we do not know exactly what that means. According to Joshua 24:29 he was

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