"The Golden Compass"

If you are planning to go watch the new movie The Golden Compass after it comes out next week, a warning is in order.

While it has several parallels to C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, the spiritual teachings are polar opposites.

The author, Philip Pullman, said in an interview, “I suppose technically, you’d have to put me down as an agnostic. But if there is a God, and he is as the Christians describe him, then he deserves to be put down and rebelled against.” At another time he said unashamedly, “My books are about killing God.”

I won’t say “Don’t go watch it”, but I will warn you to make sure that you understand what it is you are getting into; it’s more than just a cute story.

However, I will say “Don’t let a child watch it,” for the very simple reason that Mr. Pullman is intentionally trying to spread this blasphemy to children.

For more information (and sources for those quotes), see Focus on the Family’s review here.