Titus 3

Titus chapter three concludes this short letter with two more exhortations to godly living. Building on the practical situations from chapter two, which were focused on our actions toward fellow believers, the first few verses of chapter three show that this extends to unbelievers and even governing officials, as well. Again, the reason for this is because of God’s salvation and grace that we have received. Since salvation is offered to all people, those who are saved are to model what God’s grace can do in a person’s life.

Verse eight again ties godly living to sound Christian doctrine. If we truly believe God’s Word, it should be obvious by our obedience to him. Arguing over non-essentials does more harm than good and encouraging a believer in his or her godlessness by overlooking it is wrong. Bad behavior should be pointed out, in love, for the purpose of repentance and restoration to the local fellowship (see Galatians 6:1-2). Even in his final greeting, Paul points out an example of how the Christians under Titus’ care can help their fellow believers.

This short letter is a wonderful reminder that right living is the result of right learning (a major theme of this site). Doctrine drives practice, so it is essential for Christians to know Christian truth so we can practice Christian life.