Upcoming teaching series

I’m really excited about the various series that we have coming this year. Here’s a preview of the series for the next few months. Hopefully this will help you pray for me and our church better. ivermectina comprimido bula pdf

July – “Relationship”; we’ll explore effective personal evangelism, sharing the gospel, making the big ask / invite to church

August – We’ll do our annual teaching on finances, God and money (always a fun topic)

Sept-Oct – This is our big fall campaign; the focus this year is listening to the Bible, not just reading it

November – There are some rumors that a “God in the Movies” sequel might come to a church near you this fall; I don’t know. Does anyone out there really want to go there again? لفة المتعة    : )

2 thoughts on “Upcoming teaching series”

  1. Janie Tarwacki

    These sound great and I look forward to what you will be sharing in each series. I would definitely be up for a God in the Movies sequel! Thanks for sharing this info. It makes me excited to read how excited you are.

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