What’s in a name?

This question from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is followed by the also familiar, “That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet”.

In our college dorms and classes my friends and I used this concept as one argument when debating the necessity of denominational labels. “Who cares what the label is if we are truly doing God’s kingdom work? ” and such.

The name of this blog is “2 Timothy 2:2”, a New Testament verse which has great meaning to me. However, passing the web address along has had its confusions: Is there punctuation? Second Timothy 22 what? Blog-where dot com? Etc.

So, for all of you who have had to ask me the address again, I’ve made it easier. All you have to remember is my name. The new and improved address is danielgoepfrich.com. The name and theme will remain the same. This is just a shortcut to my internet home. I hope it helps.

Now, how do you spell “Goepfrich” again?