"The Biggest Problem in Conservative Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism"

Those of you who know me understand that I don’t put a lot of stock in titles.  Unless I’m talking to minors or people not yet familiar with me or the church (bulletin announcements, web site, etc.) or legal stuff, I don’t typically use titles like “Pastor Daniel” or “Reverend Goepfrich”. We also don’t have a denominational tie in our church name.

However, when I do use a couple of phrases or key words to describe my theological position, I like the words in the title: conservative, evangelical, fundamental.  They describe me (and maybe you, too, if you’re willing to admit it).

I know, I know – they’re loaded words.  But all titles are.  And eventually you’re going to have to take a stand and describe yourself.  People who really want to know don’t want you to beat around the bush; they deserve an answer.

Now that we have that out of the way, the “biggest problem” has nothing to do with titles; they just give us a common starting point and define who we are talking about.  But, Dr. Charles Wood (former pastor of Grace Church in Granger, IN) has written an excellent article on this big problem.

Although he couldn’t pick me out in a crowd (listen to this message to understand), I met Dr. Wood years ago, and I really appreciate what he was willing to do at Grace and how much God has done through them.

Anyway, read his article and let me know what you think about his take on “the biggest problem in conservative evangelicalism and fundamentalism.”

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  1. Woods is right about what Jesus commands us. We should do more to obey. I think you have done a good job encouraging us to be friends with unsaved people in order to have a chance to lead them to Christ’s salvation. It makes sense and it follows Jesus’ example. Thank you Pastor Dan’l for sharing.

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