“You asked for it”, part 3

We finished our three-week series yesterday called “You Asked for It” at Oak Tree Community Church. We asked our congregation to submit questions that they wanted me to answer during the series. Their questions could be about a Bible passage they don’t understand, a Biblical topic they want more information about, or something in the culture they wonder if the Bible addresses.

Here are the questions I answered yesterday in Part 3 (listen to the message online or download the MP3 here):

Most Scripture points to a mid- or post-Tribulation “Rapture.” Why are so many prophecies seemingly regarding this, thought to be about the time after Christ and not the end times?

What about all of the occult and demon shows, movies, etc. – are they OK? Is Harry Potter good to read? Does it lead toward the occult and occult practices?

When we are walking a straighter path, how do we co-exist with family and friends who are still on your old path without seeming like we are better than they are?

What about living together before marriage if you really love each other, is that OK?

Is there a hell? Do people go there? I don’t think God will allow it.

Wow! We had a lot of great questions, but I didn’t get to answer them all. I’ll posting answers to the rest of them here over the next couple of weeks.

If you still have questions, we’re still taking them. Just comment below or email them to questions@oaktreechurch.com.