“You asked for it”, part 2

For three weeks in November this year, I’m teaching a series called “You Asked for It” at Oak Tree Community Church. We asked our congregation to submit questions that they wanted me to answer during the series. Their questions could be about a Bible passage they don’t understand, a Biblical topic they want more information about, or something in the culture they wonder if the Bible addresses.

Here are the questions I answered yesterday in Part 2 (listen to the message online or download the MP3 here):

What about the fish on vehicle trunks, its original name and meaning. Does it have any meaning today, or is it just a fad or trend?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Is there / what is the unforgivable sin?

Does God want us to be vegetarian? Genesis 1:29 says, “This will be yours for food.”

Is there any Scripture regarding the intermarriage of races?

Why do so many of the gospel accounts seem to disagree (example: the scene at the cross)?

Can spiritual gifts change? How young / early can spiritual gifts show up?

Genesis 6:3 states that man will live 120 years. After the flood, many lived much longer than that. When did the 120 years become effective?

What does the Bible say about when, why, and how the different nationalities and languages were created?

Why does God need or want so much glory?

Whew! That was quite a list! I hope you didn’t miss it.

We’ll do this again for one more week. Join us and bring a friend – everyone has questions.