“You asked for it”, part 1

For the first three weeks of November this year, I’m teaching a series called “You Asked for It” at Oak Tree Community Church. We asked our congregation to submit questions that they wanted me to answer during the series. Their questions could be about a Bible passage they don’t understand, a Biblical topic they want more information about, or something in the culture they wonder if the Bible addresses.

You can listen to the first message online or download the MP3 to hear how I answered these three hard-hitting questions to kick off the series:

Is tithing still for today?

If Adam and Eve were the first people and Cain was their first son, who did Cain marry? Seth is mentioned as a son of Adam following the death of Abel. Prior to that Cain tells God he is afraid of what the “other people” will do to him. It doesn’t seem to mention Adam and Eve having many other children. Where did they all come from?

What does the Bible teach about homosexuality? Is it a choice, or are you born with tendencies to it? Is there victory for it?

So, how would you answer these if someone asked you?

I’ll tackle more this week. Join us and bring a friend – everyone has questions.