Christians and Halloween

We’re right around the corner from yet another thing that gives Christians a reason to punch each other in the face and give us another black-eye to show to the world.

Each year, Christians get up in arms about whether or not they should participate in the activity, have a pseudo- (really “anti-“) Halloween party (aka “Harvest Festival”) at the church, or just go dark for the evening, and hope they aren’t the recipient of devilish “tricks”.

In my blog feed over the last couple of days, three posts have shown up with a great perspective on this topic. Instead of summarizing them here, I’ll let you read them for yourselves, then come back here (or on my Facebook page) and leave your comments. NOTE: Yes, they are from the same blog, but all three have different authors.

“Jesus with His lights turned off on Halloween” by C. Michael Patton, Theology Teacher and Former Pastor

“Dr. Mark Young on the celebration of Halloween” by Dr. Mark Young, President of Denver Seminary

“Halloween: A Missed Opportunity for Evangelicals” by Dr. Dan Wallace, Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

OK, your turn. Do you have plans for Halloween this year?