Being comfortable with myself

I’ve written before about my personality type (I’m an INTJ, if  you want to know the details), but since that is a part of the message for this Sunday at Oak Tree Community Church, I thought I’d bring it up again.

Even though I don’t take personality tests often, I do enjoy reading the descriptions, because they (most of the time) hit the nail on the head. Here’s one that I found today that sums me up pretty well. (This is based on the four temperament types. I’m #12, a Melancholy-Choleric.)

The Trainer is more forceful than the other Melancholies. They are systematic, precise thinkers and follow procedures in both their business and personal life. They are attentive to detail and push to have things done correctly, according to their own predetermined standards. They are sensitive and conscientious. They normally behave in a diplomatic manner except when it comes to deviating from standards they have accepted. They can then be very forceful in insisting the right way be followed. They are not socially active, preferring work and privacy to people. They tend to have difficulty in relationships because they are not flexible and they can be abrasive when communicating with others. They make decisions slowly because of collecting and analyzing information until they are sure of the best course of action. To be highly motivated they need a structured environment with clear rules and procedures, time to organize, collect information, think and the freedom to develop a plan.; accessed 10-21-2010)

Yep, that’s me – the pretty and the not-so-pretty. Of course, you already knew that, because we see others better than we see ourselves.

How about you? What does your personality tell others about you? More than that, how can you best serve God using that temperament he placed inside of you?