For my parents

These next three weeks are full of birthdays in my family. Within a span of 21 days, we’ll celebrate six of them (not including Saralynn’s side of the family). It started this past Sunday with my mom’s. The end of October will have a brother- and sister-in-law’s. The first week of November includes my dad’s, my wife’s, and mine. (Hope I didn’t forget anybody!)

In thinking about my mom’s birthday this weekend specifically, I wondered what they imagined this part of their lives would look like when they celebrated their birthdays together for the first time, almost 40 years ago.

How many kids did they think they would have? They ended up with three plus two daughters-in-law and a son-in-law.

Where in the world (literally) would their kids be now? At this point, all of us are still in the same town with my parents.

What types of lives would the kids be living?

  • All three are married with children (my parents have 10 grandchildren)
  • All three are actively involved in our local churches
  • All three are back in school in their 30s (I am working on my Master of Theology; my brother is finishing his Bachelor in Pastoral Studies; my sister is getting her Culinary Arts degree) and are also teaching at some level in addition to their occupations

What would be going on in their lives during this season?

  • After 30+ years of owning businesses in the automotive industry, my dad is now full time teaching shop owners how to do it well
  • My mom has been taking care of her mother off and on (mostly on), but gets breaks periodically
  • They have been able to travel together and look forward to doing more of that in the future

But beyond all of that, if you were to ask them what is the most important thing to them as they both celebrate birthdays in their mid-50s? I have no doubt that they would say that they are proud of two main accomplishments:

  1. They have celebrated 37 years of marriage so far.
  2. Everyone in our immediate family enjoys a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Happy birthday, Dad and Mom! Your years have impacted more people than you could ever possibly know. Keep doing what you do. One day you’ll certainly hear, “Well done! Come on in – celebrate eternity together in the presence of your Lord.”

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  1. Yes, they have impacted many lives, not just your family. And though you 3 three may still be here in town, there are others in places around the country and even the world that have been touched by the one and only "General Jim" and wonderful Denise.

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