God and Government

This is a huge debate that has raged in our country pretty much since its inception. 1xbet.com Those who want a complete “separation of church and state” like to reference some personal letters that Thomas Jefferson wrote using that phrase. (It’s nowhere found in anything legal and binding. لعبة كريكت لعبة روليت مجاني )

Basically, many people – including churchgoers – wonder how God and government fit together. Is there a place where the two should not meet? What is that place? Should God and God’s Word be involved in government at all? العب بلاك جاك

I had the privilege of meeting with Dan Herbster for a short while today. Dan and I both graduated from Community Baptist Christian School (though he more recently than I). He has worked in Washington, D.C. and understands this topic very well.

I have invited Dan to our worship service on on Sunday, October 26, to teach about God and government from a biblical perspective. Everyone who has ever wondered about this should be here.

Here are a few things to note:

  • Yes, Dan is running for State Representative in our area. You can take a look at his campaign site here.
  • No, this will not be a campaign stop. Dan and I have agreed that he will not use this to promote his campaign. استراتيجية روليت
  • No, this is not an endorsement of him by our church. We cannot endorse any candidate. (In fact, our church address is not even in Dan’s district. طريقه لعب الشطرنج ) Anyone who is in Dan’s district and wants to discuss his campaign issues can do that on your own outside of our worship service.

Dan Herbster has some great things to show us from God’s Word about government. You would do well to be here and LISTEN.