IFRBC Annual Conference

Last week Saralynn and I attended the IFRBC Annual Conference for the very first time. Our church has been a part of the IFRBC (Indiana Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches) for a long time, though we haven’t done much with it recently.

A few years ago I met with Dan Johnson, the State Representative of the IFRBC at that time, to discuss some changes that were going on with the Fellowship. We had a great discussion, and I told him that day that, if what he said was coming actually happened, I was on board and our church would be an active participant.

Fast forward a year or two. I receive some information in the mail from the Fellowship. Dan is no longer the State Rep; Pastor Doug Schroeder from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bloomington, IN is filling that role temporarily. But the new direction was set, and in my hands was a new name and a new constitution that would be presented to the churches in the fellowship at the 2007 Annual Conference.

Another year passes. Several times I have read over the doctrinal statement and constitution proposed to the fellowship. ivermectin pharm classification And I like it. It’s everything that Dan told me they were trying to accomplish. Doug called me (and every other pastor in the fellowship, totaling about 120) this past June to see if I had any questions or concerns. I told him that I wholeheartedly supported the changes. I needed it, our church needed it, and our community needed it.

Last week Saralynn and I attended this year’s Annual Conference and voted to accept the changes. It passed overwhelmingly. Oak Tree Community Church is a proud part of the new Crossroads Fellowship. A couple of the changes include not requiring churches to be in Indiana and not requiring churches to be Baptist in order to be a part of this fellowship.

The mission of The Crossroads Fellowship is to equip and encourage church leaders, to support and revitalize struggling churches and to network resources in order to influence the world with the gospel of Christ.

This year we listened to and discussed ways to work together to further God’s kingdom in our cities and across the world. I look forward to working more closely with churches in our area that preach the same gospel that we preach. ivermectin for horses used for humans

If you have any questions about our affiliation with this group, what it means, etc. ivermectin cattle swine durvet , just ask. You can find a copy of the Crossroads constitution and doctrinal statement here.