Listen, Day 14: John 1-5

Here are the stats so far for our Listen program (for you numbers people). As of Saturday’s listening:

  • we are over one-third (35%) of the way through by days (14 of 40)
  • we are 28% through the chapters (73 of 260)
  • we are just over one-tenth (11%) through the books of the New Testament

Micah: God told Jesus what to say

Nathan: This is the only book so far that has done more than just mention Philip

Saralynn: Jesus was alive before John, even though John was born first


2 thoughts on “Listen, Day 14: John 1-5”

  1. Why were the Pharisees not aware Jesus was born in Bethlehem? Had Mary and Joseph not shared their story with people? If they had, wouldn’t that news have been passed on to others when they talked about Jesus? Just thoughts that came to mind while listening.

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