Listen, Day 16: John 10-15

Still catching up on posting my “Listen” thoughts from while we were gone.

  • Even though Lazarus died, his sickness didn’t “end in death.” Sometimes God will use even death as another event to glorify himself.
  • Jesus came by, and the religious leaders couldn’t think about anything except losing their followers, their buildings, their status, etc. God’s kingdom is so much bigger than just our church buildings and ministries.
  • It’s so easy to care about “the poor” when they are nothing more than a subset of humanity out there, some where. Jesus didn’t care about “the poor” – he cared about the lost person who happened to be poor.
  • Lives are changed when people come into contact with someone who has been changed.
  • What good is it to “have faith in Jesus” but not tell anyone about it?
  • What would you do if God gave you “complete power”?
  • God doesn’t care so much why you have faith in Jesus, so long as you do and it’s genuine.
  • I want to look at this further in its broader context: “If you obey me, I will keep loving you…”
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