Listen, Day 19: Acts 7-11

Trying to catch up on posting our thoughts on our LISTEN series schedule. Nathan took Micah’s lead from the other day and took notes on paper for this section, too. (They were trying to see who could come up with the most notes – who do you think won?)


  • The Pharisees finally asked something reasonable when they asked Stephen if they were saying the truth
  • They wanted to go back to Egypt even though they were suffering there as much as in the desert
  • It was cool how Stephen asked the Lord to forgive them just before he died, instead of when he was preaching
  • We heard this story [Philip and the Ethiopian] in Treehouse Kids
  • When Saul had the vision I wonder if God gave it to him in a dream or just a vision
  • That’s funny that her name was Dorcus
  • John baptized with water but God baptizes with the Holy Spirit


  • Joseph’s brothers sold him to Egypt
  • Moses’ mom was the queen
  • One of the Egyptians pushed Moses
  • Moses found God in the burning bush
  • God told Moses to go let the Israelites free
  • The Israelites praised a statue calf
  • They were talking about their ancestors
  • Jesus yelled at the people and told them, “God gave you the Bible but you don’t obey it.”
  • They killed Stephen
  • Saul ran around houses and killed women and men
  • Peter told Simon that he could not buy God’s glory but earn God’s glory
  • Philip ran up to a chariot and found somebody reading the Bible and helped him
  • Philip baptized him
  • Saul tried to tell people not to obey Jesus
  • Saul was blind for three days
  • God told Ananias to heal Saul
  • Saul was baptized
  • People were planning to kill Saul
  • Peter healed somebody from the dead
  • Peter was telling the people what happened when he was on the roof of somebody’s house
  • I wonder how fast their life was
  • Ananias told God, “Saul has the permission to kill Christians.”
  • Peter told God, “I have never eaten unclean food.”