Listen, Day 20: Acts 12-16

Still catching up on posting our LISTEN thoughts.


  • Peter said that he was rescued by an angel
  • Herod was eaten by worms
  • This is how I thought you would be saved: Tell God that you knew that you were a sinner

Peter (Josh’s son):

  • Peter had to keep knocking for no reason


  • What’s the point of praying for something if we don’t believe that God is going to do anything about it?
  • This is the second time in Acts they’ve referenced Psalm 2 and Psalm 16 to Jesus (see the first times here and here)
  • “All who were appointed for eternal life believed” – This is one of those verses that seems to disagree with other passages about salvation. Balance and context are critical in properly understanding God’s Word.
  • Sometimes the enemy uses truth to turn people away from God.
  • There is no shame in using all legal means available to us