Listen, Day 18: Acts 1-6

Finally back to LISTEN together as a family. Here is what we heard.

Apparently, something happened to my notes from Saralynn and Nathan. موقع المراهنات على المباريات I can’t find them anywhere. David (and Rachael) noticed that they said “David” about 15 times (his count).

Micah (got out paper and pen to take notes while we listen):

  • They named all the disciples.
  • Peter healed the lame man.
  • Peter told everyone about Jesus.
  • 3,000 people got baptized.
  • Peter stood up for God and told the men that God gave them the power to heal people.
  • God stayed with the disciples and then went up to heaven while some of the disciples were watching
  • Maybe God killed people when they sin?
  • They told Peter that he could not teach about God.
  • All of the stories so far have mentioned Pharisees.


  • I’ve always wondered if it was really necessary to replace Judas. Was Peter right to use Psalm 109:8 in this situation? Or was this the first instance of using church tradition to make plans? (Jesus chose 12 so that must be the magic number forever.) We never hear of Matthias or his ministry again in the Scriptures. بوكر عربي
  • How can we explain God’s work if we don’t know God’s Word? Peter used an obscure passage of the prophet Joel to explain what was happening. Could you do that?
  • This was so different than the healing services done today. It had nothing to do with the man’s faith. He was completely healed immediately. Everyone praised God – not the people on stage.
  • Peter was able to blame these people for Jesus’ death because most of them were there 50-60 days earlier when it happened.
  • I wonder how many people across our planet have to pray this prayer every day.
  • What if we dealt with sin immediately today? How powerful could the church be? العاب القمار على الانترنت
  • We don’t have to run around trying to stamp out false teachers. God can take care of his own light work.
  • God’s blessing is a result of wise leadership.

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